As a Drake University Graduate with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Graphic Design, I seek to utilize my expertise to practice effective communication across multiple platforms.

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Robin Thicke and Copyright

Blurred Lines Copyright infringement has been a consistently hot topic as the line of intellectual property continues to blur. It is seen in television plot themes, musical licks and graphic imagery. There is a fine line between inspiration and outright duplication so there is a struggle for artists to adapt while remaining original. Often times

Packaging Design

Album Art Designers lend their talents to a wide variety of clients every day, oftentimes creating consumer perceptions for everyday products and items. Put quite simply, if your product does not stand out on the shelf, what will make someone pick it up to look closer? Consumers once given the opportunity to reflect will realize

HBO Now Marketing Analysis

Is HBO Now worth the hype? This past week, network giant, HBO finally released their standalone video streaming service, HBO Now. The service is a step up from HBO GO, which gave customers of the premium cable channel the ability to stream movies and television on demand complimentary – included with their normal subscriptions. HBO