My Work

My Work

Combining my talents of public relations and graphic design has been my focus over the past four years at Drake University. The courses I’ve taken and the experiences I’ve gained professionally have motivated some of my best work.

This past year I completed my senior year Public Relations capstone that focused on building a strategic plan for a local nonprofit organization. Unfortunately due to privacy rights I cannot publicize that information online. However, clicking here will lead you to some of the past work that I have done for my internship with the Drake University Marketing and Communication Department.

Art has always been a passion of mine, but it wasn’t until late in my pre-college years that I discovered a love for graphic design. I approach graphic design as a puzzle to be solved using visual elements in order to convey a feeling or idea. My graphic design and art portfolio is a variety of personal and professional pieces that show my versatility in message transmission.


An illustration for a Drake University Times Delphic article featuring a fictional piece about aliens

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